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Businesspark Struer Facilities
GamesOntrack New Office facilities at Fælledvej 17, 7600 Struer.

GT-Position Components

Concept and Specifications

GamesOnTrack GT-position is a new concept for indoor positioning.
The concept is based on a combined ultrasound and radio technology using active senders.
The concept is designed for very sharp precision, down to 10 mm and designed to scale to large indoor areas using additional satellites.
The reason why this concept works lays in our genuine application of the ultrasound and our understanding how to work with reflections and hidden vehicles or objects in a proper way.

The concept has many advantages over similar technologies:
- It works based on well known standard technologies, ultrasound is known as the distance measuring technology par excellence
- It is pretty robust  and works also if measurements are disturbed
- It has low energy consumption
- It scales based on simple extentions with more HW components
- It has simple interfaces to be build into 3rd parti applications
- It is very accurate and predictable.
- It is simple to set up and calibrate.

The specs for the technology are:
1) Position is measured on any moving vehicle or object i 3D
2) Position is measured for up to 20 moving or stationary vehicles pr second, precision is about 10 mm
3) The vehicle is positioned with radio controlled ultrasound transmitter.
4) Recievers can be minimum 2 receivers which will work in a one plane scenario. Adding another receiver will enable 3D positioning. The system can be extended with more receivers to cover more space or to enable more details if line of sight is not available. The patent applied technology couples automatically across to best reception.
5) Distance for precise measurement is about 8 m between transmitter and receiver. More receivers can extend the coverage.

The system is patent applied by GamesOnTrack A/S.

GT-Position Master

The GT-Position master connects to a PC using USB. It runs all communication between satellites and moving senders on vehicles. It receives all settings dynamically from a software set-up on the PC

GT-Position Satellite (Receiver)

The GT-Position Satellite - also called receiver since it acts as the reception of the distance signal - is operated by simple DC power (14-20 V) the most used power supply is an old lap-top PC charger. It has a consumption of about 40 mA.
More satellites can be wired together to be supplied from the same source.
Normally satellites are placed high in the room, 2 or 3 together on the ceiling or on walls, often about 2 meter distance between them.  

GT-Position Sender (on the move)

We build senders according to demand. Some standard samples are shown below. They can be build in model trains as seen in this example, or they can operate on batteries or Lipos. A build in sender uses around 12 mA. 2 AA batteries last more than 100 hours.

Sender in container with battery

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