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GT-Drone V 2.1 released, compliant to EU and US radio regulations

This new version is now available and compliant to radio standards in Europe EN 300-210-1 and US FCC Part 15.
Through the revolutionary balancing of the sound sensivity and drone noise we have been able to get the drone tracking to operate with a very hight reliability in large indoor halls using our IPS system.

The main functionalities of GT-Drone in V 2.1 are:
1) Tracking, recording and replaying on screen of any flights
2) Easy set-up and calibration of the system
3) Very small transmitters on drone (2 g) to allow also toy-drones to operate
4) Easy access to real-time position data thriugh TCP protocol
5) Complete 3D environment on screen inclusive factory set-up and installations
6) Advanced 3D pathfinding available in the industy version.
7) Expansion to large areas just adding more indoor satellites.

Get started with GT-Drone for 589 € here:

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